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Money Making Opportunities / EDTOP ADS LTD England, London
« Last post by dss55ma on January 05, 2021, 10:04:50 pm »

We buy your traffic at a price of 0.0016 for every visitor. Use your link to drive traffic and earn money for each unique transition. Payment is made for each unique click on your link, regardless of whether the user performed any actions on the target site or not. A unique transition is considered to be a transition to the site from one ip address.You can participate in our affiliate program and receive rewards for the activity of your referrals. The amount of remuneration is 3% of the earnings of the webmasters you have attracted and 5% of the costs of the advertisers you have attracted

PAYEER  Skrill  Viza


Money Making Opportunities / Grab -
« Last post by danides on May 16, 2020, 07:27:56 am »

GraB is more than just a faucet! Earn thousands of Satoshis every day. Claim up to 0.0125 BTC every hour.

Members Benefits:
- Claim up to 0.0125 BTC every hour.
- Earn up to 50 Satoshi by visiting shortlinks.
- Earn huge rewards by completing offers.
- Earn up to 105 Satoshi by visiting websites at PTC ad section.
- Get lifetime commissions of up to 25% every time your referrals claim!
- Complete tasks and earn levels. Every level you reach, your rewards get bigger, up to x3.75!
- Weekly and monthly Referral Contests, Offerwalls Contests and Shortlinks Contests
- Lottery: Win a big prize in our weekly lottery! Each ticket costs only 10 Satoshis!
- CPU Mining: [Optional] You can earn more by offering your CPU power. You can choose how much of you CPU power to be used for mining.
- Achievements: Claim free Bits for being active, do offerwalls, visit shortlinks, get referrals and claim faucets to get more free Bits
- Jobs: We have so many jobs, you can do them very easily and earn thousands of satoshis.
- Investment Game: Guess if Bitcoin's price will go higher or lower in the next 5 minutes and multiply your Bits. This game is 100% legit!
Bitcoin value gets updated every minute by CoinDesk, there is no way to manipulate or to know the outcome of this game.

Sister website of moremoney!

You will also get a welcome gift of 100 Bits in your account upon sign up. Use this Coupon:  1629-3658-1627-6047

GRAB - More than just a faucet!

Money Making Opportunities / Earnsato -
« Last post by danides on May 10, 2020, 06:15:55 am »

Earn up to 25 Satoshi per click
Earn up to 500 Satoshi per signup(PTSU)
Earn up to 15 Satoshi per referral click(20% Ref Earnings)
Minimum cashout is 2000 Satoshi
Withdrawals are instant for Wallet
Soon you will be also able to withdraw on your btc wallet
Statistics of your referral clicks
Friendly Support

Register now and get 150 Satoshi Free!(First 10.000 Members will get this offer)


Money Making Opportunities / Re: Moremoney -
« Last post by danides on April 18, 2020, 07:37:33 am »
By registering in MoreMoney, the account balance of new users as a sign-up #bonus will be charged randomly up to $2.5
The minimum withdraw for FaucetPay is 0.00008000 BTC
and the minimum withdraw for Direct wallet is 0.00025000 BTC

Money Making Opportunities / Faucetbitcoin -
« Last post by danides on April 13, 2020, 10:28:52 am »
FaucetBitcoin: Free Bitcoin!
Faucet/PTC/CPA/Shortlinks/Twitter/YouTube Earning
Earn 0.00000012 ฿ per click
Earn 20% per referral click
Minimum cashout is 0.00000001฿
Accept Payeer, FaucetPay, WalCrypt, Direct payment, ExpressCrypto
Faucet - Claim 2-200 Satoshi Every 60 Minutes
Instant payment


Money Making Opportunities / Imajbux -
« Last post by danides on April 05, 2020, 12:22:06 pm »

Earn $0.015 - $0.001 per click
Earn 30% per referral click
Minimum cashout is $1
Accept Skrill, Payeer, Neteller, Perfect Money, Bitcoin.
Guaranteed ads daily
Earn from home
Detailed statistics
Great Upgrade plans
Effortless income
Secure and stable environment
Professional support
Instant services
High traffic
Innovative ideas

Sister site of Timbux! uses legal EvolutionScript license!
IMAJBUX - Earn money online

Money Making Opportunities / Re: CoinPayu -
« Last post by danides on February 23, 2020, 09:35:27 am »
After you click the statistic icon  of your advertising campaign, you can see the location map of visitors.
The more dark, the more visitors. The visitors' number of each country is also displayed.

Coinpayu aims to be a trusted and reputable online earning platform for long years and more.

Money Making Opportunities / Re: Bitlimo -
« Last post by danides on February 09, 2020, 10:41:15 am »
Minimum payout only 0.0000085BCH
Admin reduced the minimum payout for these month only to 0.0000085BCH for all members.

My first instant payment

Money Making Opportunities / Re: Clixtoyou -
« Last post by danides on February 08, 2020, 06:21:15 am »
Upgrade Promotion
Clix Golden 50$ Now 40$ only.
Clix Business 95$ Now 66$ only.
Clix Superior 590$ Now 354$ only.
Clix Ultimate 990$ Now 495$ only.

Money Making Opportunities / Re: Oneadpack -
« Last post by danides on February 07, 2020, 11:34:29 am »
As soon as you have more than $1.00 in commissions you will be able to repurchase more AdPacks. Additionally, in order to increase the stability of the program 20% of your daily earnings and commissions will be put in a repurchase wallet that you can only use to repurchase AdPacks.

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